Classified doors – dB and fire-proof doors

Classified doors are used for sites requiring soundproofing and resistance, such as nurseries, schools, hospitals and office buildings. Skaala’s classified doors are well suited to sites where the soundproofing requirement is 25 dB, 30 dB or 35 dB and/or the fire categories requirement is EI15 or EI30.

Skaala’s high-quality dB and fire-proof doors are made to measure in Finland. You can select your desired paint tone or veneered surface for the door. Knotless wooden high-quality frames are supplied with the doors, and hardwood frames to match the veneer finish are also available. Skaala will also provide a measuring and installation service for windows.

Interior doors – soundproof and fire-proof

SKCFS-410 EI15/25db
Fire and soundproofing
categories (Rw32)

SKCFS-411 EI15/30db
Fire and soundproofing
categories (Rw37)

SKCFS-413 EI30/35db
Fire and soundproofing
categories (Rw42)

SKCFS-414 EI15
Fireproof door with
a glass aperture

SKCF-416 EI30
Fireproof door with
a glass aperture

SKCS-401 dB25
Soundproofing door

SKCS-402 dB30
Soundproofing door

SKCS-404 dB35
Soundproofing door

  • Paint, standard colour: white (NCS S 0502-Y).
  • Varnishing, double treatment with an uncoloured varnish.
  • Staining, one-off stain treatment and double treatment with an uncoloured varnish.
  • Laminated door leaf surface, painted or varnished edges.

Coming soon

Strong 6 mm circular structure with an MDF sheet surface. Massive wooden edge as a standard feature. Depending on the soundproofing qualities, the thickness of the door leaf is 40 or 68 mm.

Painted MDF sheet, and veneer coating for varnished and glazed doors. Standard colour: white (NCS S 0502-Y). Other colours can be ordered. For glazed doors, the surfaces of the door leafs have been varnished. The groove patterns and linings are on both sides of the door leaf.

Depending on the fire category, El15 or El30 fire-proof glass.

LC190 or 4190 SYM lock case and height-adjustable hinges 110×30 as standard.

The doors have as standard a painted high-quality wood frame; hardwood frames are available on order. The standard frame depth is 92 mm; other frame depths available on order.

Hardwood threshold.

The frame has a single seal. 30-35 dB doors have a double seal.

There is dB insulation and fire insulation reinforcing the door structure.

Ask your dealer for more information on standard and optional accessories for Skaala dB and fire-proof doors.

Skaala grants a two-year warranty on the construction for dB and fire-proof doors.

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