Why change the windows?

Energy efficiency

Increasing the value of your house

Better indoor air quality

Safer and easier to use

Fresh new look

What is your main reason for changing or buying windows? If it due to energy and comfort you have to choose windows with low U-values, ie. good thermal insulation. If you want to change for esthetical reasons you can start looking at what types of windows that suit your house. Windows are an important character of the house. The same windows are not likely to match a functional style villa as well as as a villa from the turn of the century. But with new windows you are able to upgrade the appearance as well as the value of your home.

Is it time to change windows?

Do you feel draft indoors?

our old windows or doors might be too drafty. With new windows you can improve the quality of living without cold draft from outside. In summer, new windows also may reduce the need of cooling, when blocking solar energy out. With new window You can save up to 20% in your energy consumption!

Is there too much noise coming through the windows?

With new Skaala’s double sash windows, You can easily create a better and more quiet indoor environment! You’ve might not even recognize the surrounding sounds before window renovation!

Do your windows need extra maintenance – painting or even replacing parts?

New windows are easy to use and nearly maintenance free, thanks to aluminium surface. Aluminium gives the window’s wooden parts, additional protection weather conditions.

Feeling uncertain of the security of the windows?

In windows and doors, you can find many features that increase security. New building regulations give guidelines and instructions to increase safety for. example by using toughened glass in windows and balcony doors of fireproof windows. Instead of traditional keys you can open your door’s electric lock with your mobile phone. Not only comfort of living but secured living.

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