Equipment and properties

Choose a glass sliding door for your home.

You will have obstacle-free passage to the terrace or patio, and scenery that changes according to the season. You can select a different opening model and combine indoor and outdoor facilities as a single whole, using a style that suits your home.

Two-element sliding door with one fixed element. You can select a right-hand or left-hand handle.

Three-element sliding door with a fixed window in the middle, and two sliding door elements.

Four-element sliding door with two fixed elements on the edges, and sliding door elements in the middle.

Recommended tones and wood veneer

For the exterior aluminium surface, you can choose a tone to match the exterior of your house, and match the high-quality wooden surfaces of the interior parts with your interior decoration. Please find examples of our recommended tones below.

Note: The tones presented may differ from the actual tones. Please always consult with our vendor to compare the tone with the tone chart!

RAL 9010
NCS S 0502-Y

Light grey
RAL 7040

RAL 7024

Dark brown
RR 32

RAL 9005

Dark grey
RAL 7021

A wood and aluminium sliding door with three glass panes and a composite threshold.

Maximum sizes

2 elements:

  • Width 1700-5800 mm
  • Height 1930-2600 mm

3 elements:

  • Width: 2290-5800 mm
  • Height: 1930-2600 mm

4 elements:

  • Width: 3500-5800 mm
  • Height: 1930-2600 mm

The exterior surface is made of weather-resistant aluminium, and the interior surface is made of high-quality knotless finger joint wood (pinewood, painted or glazed). Standard colour: white (NCS S 0502-Y).

3K- double selective glazing with insulation glass.

Check the fittings with your vendor!

Frame depth 209 mm

The low threshold structure may be embedded into structures. The structure of the patented thermal break threshold made of composite material ensures that there is no cold bridge and that the floor remains constantly warm even in the coldest weather.

Glazing: 3K insulation glass unit

The door structure has a double silicone seal.

The glass sliding door has excellent thermal insulation. The tightness and the technical thermal properties are excellent, and depending on the glazing solution, the U value of the glass sliding doors may be up to 0.73.

The soundproofing (decibel values) will be affected by the selected glazing solution. The dB values vary between 32 and 40.

  • Thermal break threshold
  • Integrated door stopper (accessory)
  • Various glass options, such as  sun screen

Find out more from your dealer!

For sliding doors, Skaala grants a two-year warranty on the construction and a five-year tightness warranty for the insulation glass unit. Read more about the terms of warranty

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