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Opening control device

The window opening control device enables the inner and outer frames to be opened at the same time. The device is fitted with a restrictor for adjusting the gap. The restrictor ensures child safety. It also prevents the ventilation window from moving with draught and wind.

Insect screen

Thanks to its narrow profile, the insect screen is virtually invisible and it can be used in combination with decorative profiles and air vents. The screen mesh is black. The optional allergy/insect screen filters up to 83.75% of fine particles (PM1, PM3) and up to 92.8% of pollen. The allergy screen also allows more air circulation and light compared to the standard insect screen.


There are two types available: a traditional corded venetian blind and the integrated model shown in the picture. Blinds can be pre-fitted at the factory. Multiple colour options are available.


The decorative aluminium bars can be removed for cleaning. They are designed for the same profiles as the surround frame. The removable bars are easy to remove, for example, when cleaning windows. Decorative wood bars are also available, and there are countless design possibilities.


The colour design can be customised. The outer frame can be made dual-tone so that the internal surface matches the internal colour of the window frame. The glazed colour options retain the natural wood grain.

Air vents

Air vents are fitted into the window frame or the caulk gap, and they can be used both in new-build and renovation projects. The vents provide controlled flow of fresh air into the property, and they are compatible with both natural and mechanical ventilation systems. Skaala windows are available with the range of vent designs and colour options.

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