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Invoicing and financial administration

Skaala uses electronic invoice processing, and all invoices should be sent as e-invoices where possible.

Skaala IFN Oy e-invoicing details

Business ID: 2656258-9
e-invoicing address: 003726562589
Operator code: BAWCFI22

Invoicing address

Skaala IFN Oy
Yrittäjäntie 25
FIN-62375 Ylihärmä
Business IF: 2656258-9

Accounts receivable

Accounts payable

Human recourses

See our open positions in Finland  here.

Production and logistics

Chief Operating Officer
Lauri Hautanen

Production Devlopment Manager
Antti Rinkinen

Window Production
Antti Rinkinen

Door Production
Pekka Hautanen

Insulation Glass Production
Jussi Valli

Frame Production
Pekka Hautanen

Service Manager
Pirre Koivusalo

Logistics Manager
Jouni Hovila

Purchasing Manager
Mila Toivonen


Addressess for Production Units in Finland

Window production
Door (Exterior doors, balcony doors) production
IG Glass production
Yrittäjäntie 25, FIN-62375 Ylihärmä
Tel. +358 10 8354 700

Door (Interior doors, Sliding doors) Production
Kuoppalantie 12, FIN-62300 Härmä

Frame Production
Ramppi 2, FIN-69700 Veteli

Window Production
Alkkiantie 350, FIN-39930 Karvia

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Skaala IFN Oy
UK Sales

Tel: +358 (0)10 835 4700
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