Skaala’s ISO 9001-certified system was implemented several years ago. The system covers our production, sales and support functions. Our ISO 14001 Environmental Certification demonstrates that we have an efficient system for maintaining and developing our environmental strategy.

Environmental policies are rolled out through our Green Field & Factory programme. In terms of concrete actions, it means, for example, recycling all old windows and doors from renovation projects, and our factories have a ‘nil to landfill’ target.

We invest in wellbeing at work and occupational safety and health through our Safe Field & Factory programme. Concrete achievements to date include reduction of workplace incidents and accidents.

The ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates and our Safe Field & Factory programme enable us to follow standardised and optimised practices in a large-scale industrial environment. The certificates also communicate our systematic and modern approaches to managing our operations.

The ISO14001 environmental certification and the Green Field & Factory programme

Skaala products and services help to improve energy-efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Skaala promotes sustainability in all its operations via the Green Field & Factory programme. The main objectives of the programme are:

Sales and field operations

– All old products from renovation projects are recycled or used as waste-to-energy – zero waste to landfill
– Total logistics (windows and doors) – use of shared deliveries

Products and production

– Focus on optimised use of materials in product design and manufacture
– Careful sorting of production waste
*reused or recycled
*the target is zero waste to landfill
– The locations of Skaala’s component factories and door/window factories reduce the need for transportation

Renewable energy

Skaala’s facilities are heated by bioenergy generated by our own production processes
Skaala’s factories use carbon-free electricity from hydropower.

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