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Outward-opening wooden and wood-aluminium windows


The keyword for this product is flexibility.

From fixed windows to traditional windows with side hinges and fully turnable and easy-to-clean Tip & Turn windows with modern functions. A consistent profile for all different opening mechanisms will make it easy to combine them. The clean-cut look is finished with a single-handle mechanism. The straight-lined surface is an excellent choice for modern architectural projects, and it also gives a breath of fresh air to older façades.

Maintenance-free. This product combines the best qualities of two materials, as the warmth and aesthetics of natural wood are combined with a maintenance-free and durable outer surface.

Design. The modern and thin profile will let in the maximum amount of natural light. A comprehensive selection of colours gives almost unlimited possibilities. The tone chart used for aluminium components is RAL Classic, and for wooden elements, NCS. The standard colour is white (NCS S 0502-Y).

Selection. Aluminium-clad wood is a cost-effective alternative to full aluminium products. This product will give added value to all flats, offices and public spaces where there is a desire to reduce façade maintenance to a minimum without compromising on durable and high-quality materials.

Paint, standard colour: white (NCS S 0502-Y).
Shiny varnish, one-off treatment with a coloured wood protection product + varnish for internal frame and internal parts of the frame.
Protective treatment with an uncoloured wood protection product.

Min-max width
Upper tilt 450 ‒ 1,900 mm
Side tilt 450 ‒ 1,190 mm

Min-max height
Upper tilt 490 ‒ 1,640 mm
Side tilt 540 ‒ 1,840 mm

The maximum width and height of the frames is 3,000 mm, and the maximum surface area of the frame is 6 m2.

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