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There are many factors that influence to strength of cellular network’s signal indoors: the signal strenght and location of the base station, but a window can make a difference in signal strength indoors.

Do you have problems with cellular network? While improving the energy efficiency of buildings for example, by replacing original windows with more energy efficient ones, radio signal transmittance has been impaired and may cause coverage problems indoors.

The solution is Skaala’s signal window. It significantly improves mobile connections and transmission. Signal window opens cellular signal route for and improves the coverage of a cellular network .

Ensure mobile phone coverage with Skaala’s signal windows!

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Signal Window contribute better mobile phone coverage

Skaala’s solution lets the mobile signal to pass through and ensures cellular network indoors. It strengthens signals in 3G-, 4G- and 5G -networks regardless of the operator.

Skaala’s signal window is the quickest and most cost-effective and ecological way to improve the coverage of a cellular network indoors today and in the future.

Nearly invisible 

Signal window has a nearly invisible, signal pattern that covers the whole glazing. Solution is maintenance-free and safe.


The improved passage of signals is based on the special features in glazing so it does not need electricity to function. The appearance of the window nor the energy-efficiency do not need to be compromised.  It is in your windows throughout their life-cyckle.


In Skaala’s signal window the signal can pass through the whole glass area so that the signal spreads into the indoors evenly.

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With Skaala it’s easy

  • Solution can be used in all Skaala’s windows and doors – even the ones ordered earlier
  • Accessories and other features are available f.ex. blinds and sun cover glazing
  • Do not have an impact on energy efficency
  • More is more: we recommend to use our solution into different cardinal points
  • Available to all Skaala’s openabe and fixed windows and balcony doors as well as glass sliding doors.

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