Respecting our northern nature

With our sense of responsibility and future orientation – we are always two steps ahead and therefore the most trustworthy partner to your windows and doors.

Sustainable solutions to northern conditions

Skaala is a family owned company and Finland’s leading window and door brand. We have been manufacturing windows and doors for northern conditions at our own factories in Finland since 1956. All our products carry the Key Flag Symbol. We respect the power of northern nature and want everyone to enjoy it now and in the future.

Our long traditions in glass processing and a broad selection of high quality, standardized products ensure tailor-made glass solutions for new-buildings and renovations to consumers and professionals.

Expert of glass takes care

We are pioneers and experts in Finnish glass manufacturing in every sense of the word: our professionals, products and services are of top quality.

We are recognized for our innovations in the field. With glass features we can do a lot to improve living comfort and foster durable, sustainable and energy efficient living.  We help you with any questions regarding glass, windows or doors. We’ll help you find the best and most durable/sustainable solutions to your new or renovated home.

You will get high quality window and door solutions from one partner – easily, quickly and installed if needed.

Tervetuloa Skaalalle

Respecting our northern nature tells you that

As a company

we promote the sustainable development of nortern nature.

As an employer

we esteem our employees, the members in Skaala family.

As an expert of glass

we develop and produce solutions that are energy efficient, durable and of high-quality.

As a parther

we foster longlasting partnerships with our customers and stakeholders.

Our guidelines – sustainability and responsibility in business

Our vision is to be the most desired and caring partner, who guarantees peace of mind for anyone wanting durable and sustainable window and door solutions.

Our mission is to use our glass expertise to increase living comfort and energy efficiency with durable and sustainable window and door solutions, so we can continue to enjoy the northern nature in the future.

Certified actions

Skaalalta vastuullisesti

Skaala has the ISO14001:2015 environmental certificate and the ISO9001:2015 quality certificate.

Our products make buildings more energy efficient, increase living comfort and have a long life cycle. In our RD actions, we take into account the entire life cycle of the product, from the raw materials used, through sustainable production methods and at the end – the long lasting products . An EPD has been prepared for the environmental impact of our products.

We use responsibly grown PEFC-certified wood to produce first-class energy-efficient products with a long life cycle. We minimize the amount of landfill waste. We use briquettes pressed from surplus wood from production to heat our factories. Our automatic insulating glass factory minimizes glass loss, in addition to which we sort and recycle glass waste. We recycle the loss of aluminum back to the supplier.

The near-by location of the factories reduces logistics costs, and LED lights save energy and increase well-being at work. nd our comprehensive network of sales representatives covering the whole of Finland shortens the distance with our customers and is an environmental act itself.

We have defined the criteria for our partnerships. We favour local subcontractors and partners with the aim of long-term cooperation relationships.

Live and let live

This has been one corner stone of our owner  IFN Holding AG since family Klinger founded the company.

“Live and let live” was the life motto of Mr. Klinger, the founder of IFN group:

For us, sustainability means more than taking responsibility for the environment. Our shared goal is to keep growing the family company in a sustainalbe way across the generations.

We hold responsibility for people, the company and the environment.