Options for all needs

You can choose from several different glazing options for your new Skaala windows. Our experts will help you choose the glazing to meet your needs and improve even more your living comfort.

Glazing options


Skaala FrostFree window remains unfrozen in all conditions. It’s a standard feature in Skaala’s most energy efficient windows and available also to other windows to prevent frozing.

Solar protection

Solar protection glazing keeps the solar heat outside and reduces the need of cooling indoors in summer.

Safety glass

Toughened safety glasses offer more secure of living in places where more secure is needed.

Signal window

Skaala’s signal window significantly improves mobile connections and transmission. Signal window opens cellular signal route for and improves the coverage of a cellular network.

Sound reducing glazing

Do you want to reduce sound from outside? With sound reducing glazing its possible to create a better indoor environment in exposed locations.

Patterned glass

Patterned glass enhances your privacy f. ex. in bathrooms