The Skaala collection has highly energy-efficient and soundproof windows suitable for every home. Whether you are planning a window renovation or acquiring windows for a new home, there are suitable products in our selection.

We will manufacture products according to your needs, adding your preferred accessories and in your preferred tones. Safety glazing under the latest construction regulations are also available for all our products. The new Skaala products will help you improve the comfort in your home and save on heating costs.

Scandinavian windows

Due to their excellent thermal insulation, the windows in the Alfa collection are perfect for the cold Finnish conditions. In the winter, the glazing of Alfa Windows will keep the cold outside, and in summer, it will reduce the need to cool the apartment, protecting you from the heat of the sun. Depending on the model and glazing, the energy efficiency class is A+ or A++.

The Beeta N and Beeta N_08 windows are traditional top-quality products manufactured using 2+1 glazing. Their thermal insulation also meets the current construction requirements. Depending on the model and glazing, the energy efficiency class is B, A or A+.

Fixed windows

The fixed Skaala windows have a triple glazing element with good thermal insulation. In addition, the windows only have two glazing surfaces to wash (external and internal). Thanks to the excellent thermal insulation, fixed windows are particularly well-suited to large window surface areas. Depending on the model and glazing, the energy efficiency class is A+ or A++.

Tilt and turn windows

The popularity of the Tilt & Turn windows, particularly in Central Europe, is based on their excellent user comfort and safety. The tilted ventilation position of the top edge guarantees more pleasant ventilation compared to the traditional Finnish ventilation function. Since the frame is closed on the bottom edge, the top edge is used for ventilation, which reduces draught. The lower frame of the Tilt & Turn windows can also be equipped with a threshold which enables the use of Tilt & Turn windows as inward-opening balcony or terrace doors.

Outward opening windows

Outward opening window solutions offer versatile options for different needs.

The keyword for outward-opening HAS and HPN windows is flexibility. You can select several different opening mechanisms, ranging from traditional windows with side hinges to fully convertible Tilt & Turn windows which are easily cleaned. The modern and thin profile guarantees maximum natural light indoors.




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