Maintenance of glass sliding doors

Skaala products are designed to require little maintenance. Climate conditions and regional and structural issues will have an impact on the need for door maintenance. Regular maintenance will promote the undisturbed operation of the products. The warranty will only apply if the product was installed and maintained according to Skaala instructions.

We recommend that you inspect the condition and functionality of your glass sliding doors regularly.

Aluminium surfaces

  • The exterior aluminium surfaces are maintenance free.
  • However, they must be cleaned carefully and regularly, at least once a year.
  • Please inspect the condition and cleanliness of the slide rails regularly.

Glazing care

  • Use mild detergents.
  • If the glazing contains stains which cannot be removed using normal detergents, it is recommended that these stains be removed carefully with a glass scraper.
  • We recommend that xylene be used to remove the glue, paint or other similar types of dirt. It is available for instance in paint shops and well-equipped department stores. Acetone is another, slightly stronger detergent (used for instance to remove nail polish) which removes paint more effectively.
  • Do not use these products to clean the painted surfaces of wooden and aluminium elements. When cleaning glass, you should be careful not to let these substances spill on painted surfaces.
  • After the use of solvents mentioned above, windows must be cleaned again with mild detergent and water.
  • The putty material/concrete attached on the glazing surface at the construction stage should be cleaned immediately. Plenty of water, a mild alkaline liquid detergent or xylene for soaking should always be used for cleaning.
  • Do not scrub or try to remove dry dirt.

Considerations for maintenance and cleaning of surface-treated glazing (applicable to self-cleaning Activ glazing, K-glazing (selective) and FrostFree glazing)

  • Avoid hard cleaning tools (e.g. scrapers, steel wool). The mechanical scrubbing of glass may result in irreparable surface damage.
  • Avoid all contact between glass and metal objects.
  • Avoid the use of all chemicals which may permanently damage the surface treatment.
  • The use of strong acidic or alkaline substances is prohibited.
  • Do not clean glass under direct sunlight.


Download maintenance instruction here