Give the finishing touch to your new door

Recommended tones and veneers

You can also order the door with the tone you want from the RAL and NCS tone charts.

Note: The tones presented may differ slightly from the actual tones.

RAL 9001

RAL 3001


RAL 7040

RR 32


RAL 7024

RAL 5019

RAL 8028


Size limits

The standard size of exterior door is 9M/10M*21M.

Maximum sizes are:

  • width 11M
  • height 23M.

(Modul size 9M*21M = door size of 89 cm and 209 cm with frames)

Frame depths 131 mm, 175 mm or 210 mm

Frame depth 131 mm, 175 mm and 210 mm.


The door leaf has a symmetrical structure which is reinforced with sheets of aluminium. The thickness of the door leaf is 75 mm in Alfa class, and 62 mm in Beeta class. The reinforced panel structure guarantees that the doors are durable and functional. The door leaf resists warping for many years.


The weatherproof HDF panel is available painted or veneered. The embossed doors are embossed on both sides. The grooved doors are grooved only on the outside, but can be ordered with grooves on the inside. Standard colour white (NCS S 0502-Y). Other colours can be ordered. The surface of glazed doors has been varnished and the hardwood door leafs have been treated with wood oil.


3K-double selective with insulation glass unit in Alfa class. The standard glazing in Beeta class is 3K-selective with insulation glass unit. The standard glass is Satinbel, other options by order. See pattern glasses.


LC 102 lock case and adjustable striking plate as standard. Three break-in preventing hinges which are adjustable sidewise and for different heights.

In balcony doors an espangolette, door stop mechanism and handle as a standard.


Hardwood threshold with an aluminium strip.


Silicone seal in door leaf and frame.

Thermal insulation

Excellent thermal insulation. U-value in Alfa class doors 0.66‒1.1. U-value in Beeta class doors ≤ 0.80. U-value for doors with glass units 0.80–1.3, depending on the model.


  • Handles and key cylinders, also in series
  • Security locks
  • Mechanisms and wiring for electromechanical locks
  • Various glass options, such as security glass, patterned glass, frost-free glass and coloured glass
  • Peephole, doorbell, and letter-box
  • Upper and side windows
  • Kick plates, RST or aluminium
  • Ask your dealer for more information on standard and optional accessories for Skaala exterior doors.