Outward opening window

The keyword for outward-opening windows is flexibility.

You can select several different opening mechanisms, ranging from traditional windows with side hinges to fully convertible Tilt & Turn windows which are easily cleaned. The modern and thin profile guarantees maximum natural light indoors.

Aluminium-cladded window with painted / glazed wooden frame


Frame depths

115 or 131 mm

Size limits

Depending on window model. The maximum width and height of the frames is 3,00 mm, and the maximum surface area of the frame is 6 m2..

Min-max width (depends on the opening mechanism)

  • Top hung 450 ‒ 1900 mm
  • Sidehung 450 ‒ 1190 mm

Min-max. height

  • Top hung 490 ‒1640 mm
  • Sidehung 540 ‒ 1840 mm

Hinges and hardware

Assa Allswing hinge system

  • Top Swing (TT180), window swings 170°.
  • Top Hung (TT60), window swings 60°.
  • Side Swing (ST180), window swings 170°.
  • Side Hung (ST).

Espagnolette Mila Garant, standard handle Hoppe Tokyo

2+1 or 3 glazing

  • FrostFree glazing
  • Sun protection
  • Patterned glass for privacy
  • Toughened or laminated safety glass
  • Sound proofing
  • Signal glass

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