Tilt and turn window

Perfect functionality, easy to use

This product combines the best qualities of two materials, as the warmth and aesthetics of natural wood are combined with a maintenance-free and durable aluminium outer surface.

Tilt & Turn windows may also be combined with more complex window elements such as oblique and curved combinations.

Using a single handle, you can select any of the three functions:

1. Closed. The closed window is fixed and safe. The high-quality wooden material and first-class installation keep the structure fixed, snug and sound-proof.

2. Open. When opened, the window may be cleaned indoors on both sides without dangerous overreaching and climbing.

3. Tilt position. The window will open to the ventilation position approx. 100 mm from the top edge. The airflow will also remain comfortable, so that there is no need to move window decorations, curtains, flowers or papers from the window sill on a windy day.

You can also select a modern and straight-lined frame, or a traditional, decorative frame.

Surface treatment according to your wishes

Painted, standard colour: white (NCS S 0502-Y) or shiny varnished. Outside aluminium.

Minimum and maximun sizes

Min-max. width 490 mm – 1,660 mm
Min-max. height 490 mm – 2,460 mm (DK)
The maximum width and height of the frames is 3,000 mm, and the maximum surface area of the frame is 6 m2

Frame depths

92 mm or 105 mm


  • Venetian blindes (inner surface)
  • Fresh air vents
  • Astragals

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