With a holistic partner, you succeed

Let’s make the most carefree window renovation with Skaala. We have experienced in hundreds of window renovation projects. You can rely on our expertise with you project.

Why to choose Skaala?

Product sortiment

The wide variety of Skaala windows and doors are made in Finland and designed for the extreme weather conditions in the Nordics.

Delivery accuracy

Our delivery accuracy is the best in the market, 99%. So we keep our promises.


Besides our know-how within windows and doors, we have experienced project management skills to coordinate and run big projects.

The process

Based on our long experience, we have fine tuned our processes and proceed with determination and persistence.

High quality

When it comes to product quality, only the best is good enough for us.

Taking care

We take care of our customers even after we have finalised the project. Possible further needs will be fulfilled.

Finnish quality

Best solutions for energy efficiency

Professional and trustworthy service

Free measurement and design service

Fast installation and maintenance service

Keeping sustainability in mind

Renewable energy

Skaala’s own premises are heated with bioenergy generated from production. The factories use carbon-free electricity generated by hydropower.

Minimalising transporting

The locations of Skaala’s component factories and door/window factories reduce the need for transportation.

Zero waste to landfill

All old products from renovation projects are recycled or used as waste-to-energy.

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